Arcserve Cloud Direct-Plan B




Product Description

Arcserve Cloud Direct Compute – 4 GB RAM & 1 vCPU – Gov
Arcserve Cloud Direct Compute – Government
  • Service has 12 months commitment
  • Government Plan intended for Government entities ONLY
  • Arcserve will verify all Government entities before approving the order
  • You MUST purchase Arcserve Cloud Direct Storage (BaaS) service BEFORE purchasing DRaaS service
Arcserve’s DR-as-a-Service solution allows you to run system or site-level DR in cloud . Easy to use, bringing down cost and complexity of your business continuity plans. To size your needs for DR, consider 3 main needs of your business critical systems: storage, memory and CPU.
  • Storage, equal to the size of your production servers.
  • Memory and CPU needs should be worked on with application and system administrators operating these key systems; to size the optimum needs to run applications in a DR environment.
Includes no charge VPN (P2P and Site) services and no charges for Egress traffic.


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