Brodynt – Networking Managed Maintenance




Product Description

Forget about the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers around the world. With Brodynt’s Global Managed Maintenance service, you will get centralised networking maintenance for all of your global equipment provided by us.

You will have a single point of contact for maintenance, from higher level Cisco Smartnet 24x7x4 to Smartnet 8×5 NBD −or ask for custom maintenance that meets your unique needs.



Extensive Global coverage with a simple One-Stop-Shop solution model to ease the hassle for customers to manage multiple vendors. 

Single point of contact

Reduce the complexity of network operations by introducing a single point of contact for multi-vendor and multi-national operations.


We are ready to assist you with any question at any time of the day, as our support team is available 24x7x365.


Our services are available in just about any location in the world, currently covering over 200 countries & territories.

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