Claro – Enterprise & MNC – Collaboration and Voice


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Product Description

The more you collaborate, the better we integrate.

  • How can we optimize our investment in new technology while transitioning from end-of-life infrastructure?
  • What benefits can a UCaaS solution deliver around mobility, productivity and security?
  • How can we leverage cloud models to deploy an integrated solution for IP telephony and collaboration?

Unified Communications (UC) solutions can deliver a wide range of benefits that include cost savings, enhanced productivity and a seamless user experience. The challenge lies in optimizing investment to fully leverage existing infrastructure while transitioning to new systems and technology.

Our cloud-based UC solution delivers a seamless user experience and anytime, anywhere, any device collaboration under one platform. Benefits include flexible scaling through a pay-as-you-grow model, a range of cloud migration options, reduced costs and predictable expenses across all communications.


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