Cloud Security Posture Management-Plan A




Product Description

Cloud Security Posture Management for 100 Assets
This service plan is a yearly plan, paid once upfront for the whole year, per assets, and requires a new subscription after expiration.
Unified Security and Posture management for any workload (Virtual Machine, Containers, Serverless Functions) type across AWS/Azure/GCP and Kubernetes platforms. Intuitive Compliance and automated security guardrails for any stage of your CI/CD development lifecycle and across any type of workload or cloud service. Software Specification:
  • Network Configurations Visualization.
  • Protected Assets Inventory Management.
  • Proactive Network Security with Region Lock and Tamper Protection.
  • Posture Management and Continuous Compliance preventing configuration drift over time for Cloud, Containers and Serverless workloads.
  • Intuitive Customization with unique GSL language.
  • High Fidelity Security Indicators through reporting and dashboarding.


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