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Product Description

Answering your need for reliability, efficiency, and quality

Help protect your investment in your on-site PBX. Our ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a dedicated physical connection from your PBX equipment to the private Comcast network, one of the largest reliable IP backbones in the nation. It’s a powerful combination that makes VoiceEdge PRI an ideal choice for voice quality, managed costs, and advanced calling features.

  • PRIs with 6 to 23 channels per trunk
  • Uses your PBX equipment
  • High Quality of Service

Included with your phone solution

Business Continuity

Enjoy seamless service with network redundancy and call rerouting.



Scale up as you grow, to include multiple trunk groups with 6 to 23 channels per group.



Know that voice traffic is prioritized on our private network.

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