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Product Description

Dropbox Business lets your team bring work anywhere, syncing their important files across all their devices. Powerful admin tools help you stay on top of your account and take control of your organization’s information. Shared folders and links help keep everyone up to date, effortlessly. With Dropbox, team members can work together like they’re sitting right next to each other — even when they’re halfway around the world.


Dropbox Biz: Adv Serv Int – 3 licenses included (Annual/Monthly)
Subscription period – 1 year(s)

The Advanced Server Integration plan for Dropbox Business is for teams and businesses with ongoing data transport into Dropbox that is complex or heavy volume in nature. On this plan, API calls for data transport are unlimited, whereas they’re limited (25,000 calls/month) on the non-Server Integration plans. This plan offers your customers a tiered storage model, with generous quota levels designed for large-scale use cases. In addition to unlimited API calls, your customers will have access to features designed specifically for customers seeking more sophisticated admin and audit controls, such as invite enforcement, domain verification, and device approvals.

This plan also offers access to powerful collaboration features such as Smart Sync, Team Folder, and Dropbox Paper.

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