Product Description

Making life simpler for remote and mobile workers Learn why GoToMyPC is the most secure, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for providing remote access to the desktop.

Today, secure remote access to your computers is no longer a luxury — it has become a necessity. Being able to tap into your home or office computer from hotels, Internet cafés and airport kiosks can greatly increase your efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction.

GoToMyPC is a hosted service that enables secure remote access to any Internet-connected Mac or PC. Features include a screen-sharing viewer, drag-anddrop file transfer, remote printing, guest invite, use with multiple monitors, mobile apps and chat.

You can easily install and use GoToMyPC. Unlike other solutions, GoToMyPC does not require permanent client software or a network change. A resizable viewer, launched from any browser on an Internet connection with cable, ISDN, DSL or better, enables interactive access to any desktop application (even those that are not web-based). The file transfer feature sends and receives files, folders and directories, including those located on LANconnected fileshares. Remote printing allows printing to a client printer from the host computer viewer. Third parties can even be granted temporary access to a GoToMyPC-enabled desktop with guest invite.


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