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Product Description

webOS 3.0+ Upgrade to the User-friendly Smart Platform WP320 may be applied towards any type of LG commercial displays regardless of its platform. The webOS box provides user-friendly smart functions, and dedicated menus intended for business use. This way, users are easily able to manage and distribute content, or develop webOS-based applications for multiple signage’s at once. Dedicated Menu for Signage All-in-one Home The conventional consumer TV-oriented home menu has not been convenient for signage use. The webOS 3.0+ offers an all-in-one home menu to show all the signage information, so you can easily check and access the menu. Dedicated Menu for Signage Quick and Easy Set-up With all signage-related functions indexed in the EZ setting, you can conveniently move through the different settings. Dedicated Menu for Signage GUI for Portrait Mode When using the signage in Portrait Mode, a GUI tailored to Portrait Mode is provided that doesn’t affect the original ratio and resolution of images Convenient UX Advanced Failover While content plays, signage is regularly capturing screen images using internal memory, so that the captured images can be played back when other input sources are not available. Convenient UX Moblie & Web Monitoring Through the control manager, the embedded web monitoring program, you can check the status, control settings, and receive log information and other data in real-time. Convenient UX Auto Status Mailing Whenever a failure has occurred, signage sends an e-mail to a pre-assigned address immediately. In addition, all the information regarding signage status is sent via e-mail, even without needing a PC or SuperSign software. Content Management Embedded CMS The LG integrated CMS app allows you to edit and play content, schedule a playlist without needing a separate PC. The related functions are integrated into one-access menu, so that you can manage the content much more easily. Content Management Gapless Content Playback & Two Video Tags When videos, images and HTML pages are played back in turns, they are played smoothly without a black screen gap, regardless of the content type. In addition, when editing an embedded content template, two videos can be tagged in one screen at the same time. Content ManagementMulti Screen by PBP/PIP PBP features multi screen in a single display with upto 2 input sources. In addition, PIP supports playing both main screen and sub screen at the same time with various layouts, so users can arrange many different usage scenarios efficiently.


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