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Product Description

IoT explosion

Thousands of smart home devices are hitting the market. Most lack built-in security and can’t be upgraded easily, or ever, creating a vulnerable attack surface and performance chaos.


Unhappy customers

50%+ of support calls are WiFi related. Subscribers call when their video chat is choppy, smart TV buffers, PC has malware—  Let’s face it, the connectivity experience is now on you.


Real threats

We’re seeing a 30%+ homes in a given month experience malware attack attempts, and approximately 90% of consumers are rightfully concerned about their security/privacy (EIU).


Hardware variability

With 4+ WiFi system  kinds in homes and no shared interface, ISPs find that even the most common support question— What’s my SSID and password?— takes 22 minutes to address on average.


Low network visibility

Smart TV or smart thermostat? A device’s bandwidth and signal needs differ by its function and even model. Service reps need this intel to help, but they can’t see clearly past the gateway.


Impending regulation

Around the world, regulations are coming: GDPR is rolling out; damages are costly. State (CA, WA) and Fed (SAFETY Act) actions show increasing likelihood of regulation.

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