OmniNet – Ransomware




Product Description

OmniNet’s OmniShield takes a multi-stage approach to mitigate Ransomware which has proved to be very effective!

  • Our threat intelligence learns very quickly from live feedback on new URL’s clicked, files downloaded from them and actions of those files. We update over 2 million Antivirus signatures, over 1.3 million URL categorizations every week and keep track of millions of C&C, botnet and malicious traffic patterns.

  • When a link is clicked, it doesn’t even have to have DNS, it can be IP based, or it could resolve locally. The HTTP/HTTPS or any other protocol goes through OmniNet and get’s checked against a database of 350 million categorized website and billions of pages to determine if it’s malicious and will block known malicious URL’s.
  • If a file is being downloaded, it will scan it for viruses and variants against a database of 100’s of millions of AV/malware definitions to ensure you aren’t downloading the new ransomware variant newly hosted at
  • If a malware somehow makes it on the network (usually by a new laptop that’s been unprotected) OmniShield will catch and block the C2 or botnet communication, isolate it, and trigger an alert notifying you that there is an infected computer and what action needs to be taken.


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