Poly Savi 8210 Mono Headset




Product Description

Poly Savi 8210 Mono Headset

The Savi 8210 headset features an over-the-head design that offers a wireless range up to 580 feet/175 meters. Designed to deliver enterprise-grade DECT audio for a premium listening experience with mono sound support. Its built-in active noise-canceling microphone blocks out background noise, so you can have your calls with minimized distraction.

  • Wireless multi-device connectivity that allows you to transfer audio between headset and mobile phone
  • Built-in one-touch controls that answer and end calls, manage volume and turn the mute on or off
  • Integrated voice alerts that notify you when you’ve muted the headset or have stepped out of range

  • Mono sound support
  • 13 hours of talk time
  • DECT Security certified
  • Built for UC applications
  • Microphone frequency response 100 Hz to 6,800 Hz


  • Weight: 6 kg

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