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Product Description

Poly VVX 301

The Poly® VVX® 301/311 is a high quality, cost-effective solution for front line staff handling low-to-moderate call volumes. It improves productivity for office workers and provides easy-to-use line key appearances.

  • Power Keys: Take advantage of the unused line keys on your Poly phone and turn it into a powerful call handling and workgroup monitoring tool.
  • Group Intercom Paging: Intercom up to 23 paging groups that you define or broadcast out to all other Poly sets in your office.
  • 6-line key buttons: Use the standard 2 line keys for managing two live calls on your phone at the same time, and use the 4 others as speed dial keys.
  • HD Voice: Enjoy revolutionary voice quality using Poly HD Voice technology.
  • Includes power adapter

  • Display: 208 x 104 (W x H) monochrome
  • 8×8-supported line keys: 6
  • Programmable keys: 6
  • Speed dials: Yes
  • BLF: Yes
  • Shared Lines: Yes
  • Local Conferencing: 3-way
  • Corporate Directory: Yes
  • Hot desking: Yes
  • HD Audio: Yes
  • Wideband Codec: G.722
  • Narrowband Codec: G.711, G.729, iLBC
  • Multicast Paging: Yes
  • USB: No
  • Ethernet ports: 2 x 10/100 2 x 10/100/1000 (VVX 311)


  • Weight: 6 kg

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