Poly VVX Sidecar 28-Color (Out of Stock)




Product Description

Poly VVX Sidecar 28-Color

The Poly VVX Sidecar 28–Color, is designed to work with the PWR28 service plan and either a Poly VVX 301, VVX 311, VVX 401, VVX 411, VVX 501, or VVX 601 IP Phone.


  • The VVX Color Expansion Module provides advanced call handling capabilities with a vibrant visual experience
  • Large, high resolution LCD, 28 illuminated bi-color programmable line keys, and user-friendly call visualization provide an intuitive user interface
  • Virtually no installation or setup is required, as signaling and powering are provided by the host phone
  • Get the most out of your Poly VVX business media phones by equipping them with Expansion Modules, turning them into fully-enhanced personal desktop solutions


  • Three logical pages of 28-line keys per device 
  • Vacant line keys can be used as Speed Dial buttons
  • Each PWR28 license will support up to 10 line appearance keys and/or up to 28 additional BLF keys on an attached sidecar(s)
*If your preferred phone is ‘Out of Stock’ please contact your 8×8 Account Manager / Sales Rep for further details and options.


  • Weight: 6 kg

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