RSI – Strategic Planning




Product Description

Embedded in RSI’s culture and approach are our ability to listen and discern when a client is uncovering needs well beyond IT and cybersecurity, but the need for Strategic Planning.


The IT landscape is dynamic and has becoming a difficult patchwork of internal services and problems – rogue applications, obsolete hardware, isolated systems and other evidence that IT became disconnected with the organization’s overall goals and desired client experience.

RSI approaches every Strategic Planning engagement with a custom scope of work that directly aligns the IT strategy plan to that of the company’s strategy and vision and demonstrates a return on IT investment.

RSI Strategic Planning

  • Aligns with your company strategy and long-term initiatives
  • Produces a technology and security roadmap
  • Implements IT governance across the enterprise
  • Realigns IT Services
  • Embeds communication planning across all facets of the plans
  • Defines IT Metrics and Financials


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