Samsung-3840×2160 Commercial TV Crystal UDH, 250 nit, 16/7


$585.00 - $1,577.00



Product Description

With the Samsung Pro TV, content becomes as dynamic as your customers. The Samsung Pro TV series offers powerful Crystal UHD picture quality, powered by a Crystal 4K processor. Every piece of content is rich, colorful and full of fine detail. Changing content is quick and easy. In three easy steps, you can upload dynamic content right from your phone or tablet with the Samsung Business TV app. You can count on Samsung’s Pro TV with a 16/7 operating time, while a 3-year warranty adds peace of mind. Do more with your TV with the Samsung Pro TV series displays.
Product Features:

  • Powerful Crystal UHD Picture Quality: With an ultra-fast Crystal 4K processor and Crystal UHD resolution, you’ll take your content to the next level
  • Every Detail Counts: With the Samsung Pro TV’s high dynamic range, you can showcase every detail in a wide spectrum of colors
  • Slim and Modern: The sleek, elegant and minimalistic design draws customers into the screen content from any angle, and with a super-slim bezel, Samsung’s Pro TV keeps the focus on your content


  • Weight: 8.1 kg

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