Sharp – 70″ 1920×1080 landscape or portrait LED monitor edge lit




Product Description

Sharp’s PN-R706 professional LCD monitor, gives you more options than ever to set up your digital signage in the most eye-catching ways possible. Not only can this monitor be suspended from a ceiling, it can also be installed face up, face down, or at a tilted angle. The 70-in. Class (69.5-in. diagonal) PN-R706 display offers such a wide variety of installation options, you’ll be sure to find the ideal setup to match your location and signage needs. DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity comes standard, and the interface can be expanded with an optional HDBaseT 2.0 receiver board. The system is designed for increased convenience and flexibility as the PN-R706 monitor stylishly makes your key message even more visible to your intended target.

Product Features:

  • 70-in. Class (69.5-in. diagonal) Screen Size
  • Brilliant High Definition (1920 x 1080) LCD Display
  • Intel Mini-OPS Expansion Slot supports the optional PN-ZB03H HDBaseT 2.0 and PN-ZB03W Wireless Expansion Boards


  • Weight: 45.04 kg

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