Silex Clarity SP3000




Product Description

Silex Clarity SP

Silex Clarity SP series are professional 2.4G speakerphones. With a Built-in high-fidelity microphone and 22KHz full duplex audio, they are ideal for small to large conference rooms and home offices. With a battery life providing 4 hours of talk time, they can be used as personal portable devices for online teachers, and business travelers. Silex Clarity SP speakerphones connect to laptops or smart devices bringing the latest Sonic Clear IV high-definition voice processing technology thus providing crystal clear HD voice for music, calls and multimedia applications. The speakerphones are compatible with most videoconferencing software and cloud applications, offer echo cancellation and noise reduction and can be connected to an external headphone or speakers.

Silex Clarity SP3000:

Ideal for medium to large meeting rooms. Includes 4 built-in high-sensitive microphones insuring an omnidirectional pick-up pattern with a 5m pick-up range. For large meeting rooms, 2 optional external microphones increase the pick-up range to 8m.


  • Weight: 6 oz

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