Silex EdTech AOP-PC




Product Description

Silex EdTech AOP-PC

Silex EdTech AOP-PC is more than just a projector. Combining ultra-short throw projection functions with an integrated PC, an interactive whiteboard, and a built-in speaker, this portable device allows a high level on integration with existing visual collaboration platforms. With only one cable to connect, the installation of Silex EdTech AOP-PC is easy and intuitive. Designed for interactive education, meeting rooms, and group entertainment, this device can be operated without the use of a laptop if needed.

Main features:

  • Includes an electronic pen for annotations
  • Windows and Android dual system
  • Up to 64 simultaneous touch points
  • Suitable for projection screen size up to 300”
  • Ultra-short throw projector eliminates the presenter’s shadow
  • Flexible PC configuration options
  • Cold light source Led technology with a minimum of 20000 hours life time


  • Weight: 6 oz

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