Silex EdTech DWC




Product Description

Silex EdTech DWC

Silex EdTech DWC is a special 4K Ultra HD web cam that also acts as a document camera. Its unique structure with the camera placed on a 270⁰ rotative arm, makes it ideal for online teaching, distance learning and in-class trainings or lessons. When the camera is used as a visualizer, the presenter can instantly display and share content captured from a printed document or an object. Since the camera supports professional online teaching and annotation software, any annotation or manipulation can be seen by the remote video participants if any or replicated on a display in the classroom. As a web cam, two views can be captured: either the presenter’s view for face-to-face online interaction or the room’s view. Silex EdTech DCW is compatible with most videoconferencing software and streaming platforms.

This light-weight foldable and portable professional camera is ideal for business travelers, teachers and students on the move and saves desktop space in classrooms. When used by a teacher, it is a perfect tool to instantly show content and manipulation details thus increasing the lessons’ efficiency. When used by students, it allows a more student-centric approach where students can easily present their work to the whole class and share ideas or thoughts without leaving their seats. 


  • Weight: 6 oz

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