Silex-Eye Clarity MK200P




Product Description

Silex Eye-Clarity MK

The Silex Eye-Clarity MK series are professional HD conference webcams with an embedded speaker and a high-fidelity omni-directional microphone. Designed for huddle rooms, small conference rooms and home offices, they provide vivid video images and an exceptional sound experience. These compact all-in-one systems are easy to install and operate: simply plug the device and use it with any videoconferencing software application and on any display size while minimizing cable clutters. The systems offer 124⁰ ultra-wide field of view allowing everyone to be seen, even those close to the camera or seated on the edge of the conference table.

Silex-Eye Clarity MK200P:

The system comes with a built-in camera offering 1080p images with a 2.1 Megapixel 1/2.7 CMOS sensor. 


  • Weight: 6 oz

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