Silex-Eye Clarity VMK-4k-01




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Silex Eye-Clarity VMK

Silex Eye-Clarity VMK series has been designed to fit different working environments. These compact HD all-in-one conference camera systems enable users to connect the USB camera to any laptop, then join video calls from office or from home, using the videoconferencing software of their choice. Suitable for small to medium conference rooms, small offices, or home offices, the Eye-Clarity VMK is easy to install and operate by simply plugging the USB cable. The system includes a built-in speakerphone, a duplex omni-directional microphone offering wideband audio, echo cancellation, 105⁰ horizontal field of view and a remote control for audio control, ePTZ control and camera settings. With up to three wireless expansion microphones, it allows a very flexible audio coverage of the meeting area.

Silex-Eye Clarity VMK-4k-01:

The system comes with a built-in camera offering 4K Ultra HD images with an 8.0 Megapixel sensor. It supports ePTZ functions with 4x digital zoom and AI functions allowing the camera to automatically centre and frame all participants in the room, always offering an optimal capture of the meeting space.
Suitable for small to medium spaces such as home offices, huddle rooms and meeting rooms, it is delivered with 1 wireless omni-directional microphone and 1 charging plate.


  • Weight: 6 oz

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