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Stickley on Security



Product Description

Scams, identity theft, viruses, worms and credit card fraud are happening more frequently today than ever before. Your customers are continually alarmed by these threats to their financial information and are looking for help. SoS Advisor is the first and only customer advisor solution that can be easily integrated directly into your existing website. SoS Advisor will educate your customers about the many security risks they face and proactively keep them informed about new breaches, threats, and attacks.

SoS Advisor also provides your customers with helpful tips necessary to stay one step ahead of the identity thief. SoS Advisor is a cost-effective solution that turns your website or online banking application into a comprehensive customer security advisor.

With over 2000 comprehensive educational videos and written articles, we provide your entire customer education solution which can be embedded into your existing website with just a single line of code. SoS Advisor also supports an easy to use customization interface which allows you to customize the content provided as well as the look and feel of the content displayed. But don’t just read about it, request a quote  to schedule a demo and see how SoS Advisor will help your organization and your customers!

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