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So we made administering it just as easy

Badphish is an extremely comprehensive phishing simulation tool. Below is a list of some of the features available through Badphish but if you are truly interested in a phishing simulation solution, please request a quote to schedule a live demo. That way you will get to see everything and have all your questions answered.

  • Continued or one-time campaigns
    Administrators have the option of setting up “One-Time” campaigns that will send out a single phishing attack against all assigned employees or a more comprehensive campaign in which users will be tested several times over an assigned number of months.
  • Advanced payload design
    Each phishing test includes a payload. The payload is the actual design of the email that will be sent. Payloads can test users on malicious links, malicious attachments, malicious downloads and even requests for confidential data. In addition to the numerous payloads provided by Stickley on Security, administrators have the ability to edit existing payloads or even create their own.
  • Comprehensive testing options
    Badphish allows you to get as granular as you like. Phishing campaigns can be setup in as little as a minute or administrators can choose to manage each of the advanced settings to create a campaign that is very specific to the needs of the organization.
  • Automatic course assignment when users fail
    When a user fails a phishing test, an education course can be automatically assigned to them. This can be one of the many cyber security education courses provided by Stickley on Security or a new course created by your organization to meet your specific needs. Each phishing campaign can be different with its own unique course assignment.
  • Detailed reporting with trending data
    Detailed reports that outline the results of the phishing campaign are available through the online portal. Manage the results online or generate PDF and CSV reports to meet your compliance needs.

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