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5 Benefits of Using an Amazon Web Service Provider

1. À La Carte Services

One top thing businesses like about AWS is that you only pay for what you use. Businesses can pick and choose from a large number of services and features that are offered and can pass on paying for ones they don’t want or need. Other web services require you to commit to unnecessary package deals that include several features you don’t need, yet have to pay for. A few AWS service offerings are:

  • Server configuration and hosting that is optimized for computing, memory, and storage
  • Data storage and movement using:
    • Standard storage
    • Infrequent access storage
    • Long-term (Glacier)
    • Reduced redundancy
  • Global content delivery system
  • DNS routing
  • AWS environment monitoring
  • Infrastructure management
  • Data flow optimization
  • Traffic analytics
  • And much more


Some ways to save even more money using AWS include:

  • Save When You Reserve, meaning you’ll pay less if you pay upfront
  • Pay Less by Using More, meaning you’ll get volume-based discounts
  • AWS Free Tier, meaning new accounts have access to up to 60 services for free

2. Security

AWS has all the impressive resources of Amazon behind it, ensuring that the platform and the data it stores are safe. Amazon uses several layers of physical and operational end-to-end privacy and security, including regular audits and documentation on how to deploy security features. Their latest security addition is the Amazon Detective feature which makes data investigations faster and more efficient than ever before.

3. Scalability

As your business increases in volume and scope, AWS can increase its bandwidth, workload, and server capacity to match. Because the server capacity is so great with AWS, it can easily and automatically handle large influxes of data, allocating more bandwidth and capacity to your services.

4. Save on Hardware

This means you don’t have to spend time or money on purchasing, installing, and maintaining in-house servers and infrastructure. Another perk? Rather than upfront resource provisioning, new apps can be used immediately without paying for (and waiting for) hardware. This is especially useful for short-term projects with variable consumption rates.

5. Reliability

Being one of the largest companies in the world, Amazon has massive amounts of custom-built infrastructure, hardware, and contingencies already in place. You can be sure your data, apps, and servers stay securely online with optimized CPU configurations. You won’t have to worry about completing complex computational workloads or using apps that are sensitive to network performance.

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