Yamaha-ADECIA Ceiling Bundle: RM-CG-B Ceiling Microphone – Black, RM-CR Audio Processor and QTY 2 of VXL1B-16P Speakers





Product Description

ADECIA Ceiling Bundle: RM-CG-B Ceiling Microphone – Black, RM-CR Audio Processor and QTY 2 of VXL1B-16P Speakers
Adecia is a family of products designed to be easily installed and work seamlessly together to provide complete and customizable communications solutions for meeting spaces or classroom audio. ADECIA helps overcome challenges with implementation, configuration, and room acoustics by providing all components required for a successful installation and automatic technologies that reduce setup time, costs, and complexities.

This Bundle comes with:

  • One (1) RM-CG-B Black RM Ceiling Array Microphone
  • One (1) RM-CR Audio Processor
  • Two (2) VXL1W-16P POE White Wall Mount Speakers


About the POE Wall Mount Speaker:
The VXL1B-16P and VXL1W-16P support the “Dante” audio network, and use a slim line-array configuration, making them an easy fit perfectly for conference rooms (in the size range of 12m × 10m) that demand vocal clarity while imposing numerous constraints on space, and require both functionality and a sense of design. With audio distributed via a Dante network and PoE power* supplied from a PoE compliant L2 switch, the speaker system can be constructed as a network, allowing existing IT infrastructure to be effectively utilized. Simple wiring via LAN cables, easy installation, and no need for a power amp contribute to the flexibility of installation, allowing you to construct an elegant sound system that will not interfere with the design of the conference room.

  • Auto-detects installed components
  • Auto-configures the devices
  • Auto-optimizes audio performance for room audio environment (reverberation characteristics, echo behavior, speaker/mic position, and more)
  • Constant live tracking beams search for voice when system in use
  • Supports lively discussions with multiple participants
  • No fixed lobes = no dead spots
  • Room set up flexibility – no need to preprogram lobes when design changes
  • Three-step guided configuration
  • No need to program fixed beams
  • Components utilize one network cable connection avoiding troublesome wiring
  • Integration into all audio environments: USB, analog I/O, Bluetooth, SIP telephony and Dante
  • Open API for integration with other Yamaha or 3rd-party components
  • Human Voice Activity Detection
  • Noise Reduction algorithms
  • Speaker tracking
  • Adaptive acoustic echo cancellation


  • Weight: 1.5 kg

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