Yamaha-FLX 2 Analog POTS System w/ two Wearable Microphones




SKU: ymh-10-FLX2-002-POTS

Product Description

Revolabs FLX™ 2 is the world’s first wireless POTS/PSTN and Bluetooth-capable conference phone for small to medium conference rooms and executive offices. The unique modular design provides maximum flexibility for speaker and microphone placement with a handset for dialing and private conversations. Video conferencing units and personal computers can be connected using audio in/out ports. The phone will bridge calls from a POTS/PSTTN or a smartphone connected with Bluetooth to calls from a video conferencing unit or a computer-based UC client such as Skype® for Business, Zoom, Vidyo® and Hangouts™. The 10-FLX2-002-POTS model comes with 2 wearable wireless microphones which features 360° pickup patterns to capture all speech above and around the microphone, and impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices, secure: 128-bit encryption means no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphone and base station, and 8 hours of talk time.

Product Features:

  • Wireless Technology: DECT 6.0
  • Wireless Operating Distance: 65.6 ft (20 m)
  • Frequency Band: 1.90 GHz


  • Weight: 2.1 kg

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