Yamaha-FLX UC 1000, IP Conference Phone with USB Support




SKU: ymh-10-FLXUC1000

Product Description

Combining superior speaker, microphone, and audio processing technologies, this line of conference phones sets a new audio standard for conference calls, desktop audio, and PC communication tools. Designed to offer a greater audio frequency range than conventional devices, these phones deliver crisper, richer tones to facilitate remarkably clear communication.
Product Features:
  • Delivers the clearest sound to every participant in the conference room or executive suites
  • Enjoy crystal-clear voice calls traveled over the internet with the efficient VoIP technology
  • Electrical power and data are transmitted using a single cable to devices such as Access Points, IP cameras or IP phones
  • Enables unified communications by supporting both USB audio and SIP telephony
  • Allows users to connect to IP telephone systems and laptop, PC, or tablet for use in communication applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and more
  • Serves as a bridge between communications channels, allowing a mix of SIP and USB audio conference calls
  • Designed for bring-your-own-device environments such as offices, huddle rooms and small conference rooms


  • Weight: 0.2 kg

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